Effortless, FAST Purchase Order Analysis and Importation

'FAST' is an opinion :
IF reading and analysing 200 Purchase Orders containing 2500 lines in LESS THAN 60 seconds would be considered as FAST,
then the PO Butler really IS fast! (Conditions apply)

(File formats received are limited to .pdf, .xlsx and .csv only.)

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The PO Butler will:-

Accept pre-approved documents being dropped into the drop zone or
Go fetch email attachment PO's from your emails
Read them and collate all the data contained within
Analyse the full inventory demands for ALL open orders
Auto allocate and reserve inventory where applicable
Highlight orders and items where there is insufficient available inventory
Highlight invalid product codes
Allow for item and/or quantity edits before importation
Data capture (import) selected orders into your accounting system

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Seamless integration to various Sage products

No need to data capture or Export and Import... it just works.

Versions compatable with Sage 50 Cloud, Sage 50c
and Sage Evolution available

Integration to other platforms available on request
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Inventory demands analysis

PO Butler will combine the quantities of each item required to fulfill ALL open orders, those already within your accounting system and those still waiting to go in.
He will then assess the amount of each item you have on hand from up to 3 different warehouses.
He will then display the total quantity required versus the combined quantity on hand.
He then highlights the items where you do not have enough to fulfill all current orders.
He'll also highlight if there is an item required which he can't find in your warehouse(s)
You can then choose what action to take with those items.

Automated allocation of available inventory

After the demands analysis, you can then choose to auto-full specific line items of all orders.
If there isn't enough to fulfill ALL orders, you can choose how many to supply to each order
You can even remove item lines if a specific product has been discontinued.

Reserving Inventory and fulfilling back orders

By utilising the inventory reservation function, the Butler will make sure that users cannot sell more inventory that what is on hand.
He will look in (up to) 3 different warehouses,
+ find any items on unbatched invoices,
+ count how many are already reserved on internal sales orders,
+ count how many have already bee reserved by himself
and then present ALL there figures to the user so they can make informed decisions based on ACTUAL available quantities.

How it (really) works

The windows based software package will literally "read" documents which are dropped into the drop zone or retrieved from email attachments.
(Currently only file types .pdf, .xlsx and .csv file types are compatable)
Various standard PO formats are included by default in the software.If your requirement is not one of them, we'll create it for you.
Using the Sage supplied Software Developer Kits, it then interacts with your accounting system database to gather quantities on hand from up to a maximum of 3 different warehouses.
The platform will require a certain amount of 'mapping' whereby customer item codes and your internal item codes will be linked.
All the tedious yet vitally important calculations are carried out to assess the quantities required versus quantities on hand.
Results are displayed in a user friendly User Interface (UI) allowing the user to select from various options.
A single mouse click will seamlessly generate Sales Orders in accounting system for pre-selected Purchase Orders.

Features and Package Pricing

Multiple Users
Drag and drop PO's
Read PO's in MS Outlook email inbox
# of Warehouses (Stores) 1 2 3
Full Automation
View full inventory demands
Auto remove low value PO's
Auto mark ready to post
Download orders list as spreadsheet
Download inventory demands as spreadsheet
Seamlessly post into Sage as Sales Order
Total # of PO's (Included in annual license) 1800 4800
(Average # per month) 150 400
Initial Installation (First annual license incl)
R 6 950.00
R 10 425.00
R 14 595.00
(Subsequent Annual Licensing R 4 600.00 R 7 100.00 R 10 080.00)

* Prices subject to change periodically.
* Specific criteria are required for the Butler to work effectively, please contact us to find out more.
1) Only compatable with Pastel Partner V18 - V19 (Sage 50c)
2) For automated email attachment retrieval, user must be running MS Outlook as their email client on their machine.
3) Compatible with machines running Windows 10 onwards.
4) The Butler can only read pre-approved document formats, don't worry we will help you set them up.
5) Please contact us for further clarification.

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Automated e-commerce integration

In the fast evolving world of e-commerce you can't afford for your e-commerce store information to be NOT Accurate..

Auto-retrieve purchases from your e-commerce platform.
Auto-capture purchases into your ERP or accounting system.
Auto-update available stock on your e-commerce site in real time, making it always accurate.
Avoid over selling stock by having seamless and constant integration between your e-commerce and accounting platforms.
Auto-update inventory information on your e-commerce site when changes are made in your accounting system.
Some cofiguration will be necissary to ensure the 2 systems have all the right information to be able to 'talk to each other'.

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